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Dear guests, dear friends,

our hotel will be reopened from 18.12.2020.
Visit us on the last Advent weekend or také advantage of our offer for a Christmas stay. A 10% discount continues to apply to our wellness packages.
For Reservations do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: or by phone +420 702 160 632.

We are looking forward to your visit.

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07. 02. 2022

17. 06. 2020

17. 06. 2020

We want each of our guests to find in the menu food that they like, that is healthy and brings general health benefits. In addition, we are building our menu to be compatible with Karlovy Vary spa treatment.

Get in the festive spirit in Karlovy Vary. There is nothing better than a walk through the streets full of the smell of cinnamon and mulled wine.

Karlovy Vary is a popular city not only because of its natural wealth of healing springs but also because of the typical spa architecture and picturesque natural surroundings.

The spa town of Karlovy Vary is unique at both national and global level. It is number one in regard to the amount of mineral springs concentrated in one place.

The coming of autumn doesn’t necessarily have to discourage you. Do not let cold weather limit you and take a walk, whether you're a spa guest, local or tourist in the city.

Do you ask yourself why include a stay in a salt cave in your health treatments? Do you think a bubble bath or a nice sauna will have a greater effect on your health?

If you are thinking how to spend free time during your stay in Karlovy Vary, you should not miss the charming churches here.

The natural and cultural sights of Karlovy Vary are definitely worth a visit. If you came to the spa from the far corner of the country and you want to explore the attractions of Karlovy Vary district, there is a lot of places to visit.

When it comes to Karlovy Vary, do you remember a famous film festival? This year will be the film in Karlovy Vary will be celebrated for the 53rd time.

Loitering in a café belongs to a spa stay. Indulge yourself in tasty delicacies in addition to caring for your musculoskeletal system.

It is difficult to find brothers who have influenced the Czech culture more than Karel and Josef Čapek - in Bohemia there is not a single child, who wouldn!t be familiar with the stories about Doggie and Pussycat which the two brothers have written together and Josef provided with illustrations.

For a typical visitor to Karlovy Vary, it is not easy to find a place to shop.

At Christmas Markets that take place from the 2nd December onwards every Advent Sunday, you can buy small things for your loved ones, warm up with mulled wine, taste specialities from local retailers, or just enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

During each autumn there are days which would be a pity to spend in town. If you decide to go for a walk in nature, we recommend that you visit the nearby chateau in Bečov nad Teplou.

Moser glassworks

Moser glassworks

13. 05. 2019

If you are interested in craftsmanship and traditional procedures, we recommend visiting Moser glassworks.

In autumn, the exhibition of brothers Joža and Franta Úprka will take place in the Karlovy Vary Art Gallery. Both brothers are linked by fascination with the folk culture of Moravian Slovácko, region where the brothers were born.

Shining Vary

Shining Vary

03. 05. 2019

The first light festival in Karlovy Vary happened last year. This years’ magnificent light show will take place in 7 locations: on the walls of the churches, on the colonnade or on the river surface.

The Mill Colonnade, one of the most beautiful places in Karlovy Vary, becomes a temporary concert hall of the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra each summer.

It may happen that you will want to refresh yourself in an indoor or an outdoor swimming pool.

First days of May are a beginning of spa season in Carlsbad and such an event requires celebration.

Days of spring filled with the first sunbeams of the year are the perfect time for trips to nature.

Teracotta army

Teracotta army

01. 04. 2019

Until the end of March visitors of Karlovy Vary have a unique opportunity to see one of the most amazing human creations of all time - the Terracotta army.

Winter Ice skating

Winter Ice skating

30. 03. 2019

This winter has been quite cold this year. We believe, that the best way to get warmer is to go ice skating!

Karlovy Vary Gala

Karlovy Vary Gala

28. 03. 2019

This time of the year is the main season for gala events. You can end it in style by attending the Karlovy Vary Gala.

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