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Dear guests,

due to a Czech government decision is our hotel closed from 18.12.2020.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: or on phone: +420 702 160 632.

We will inform you about new changes on our website.

You can make new booking Reservations on above mentioned contats or on our website.

Thank you for your understanding, stay safe and healthy and we are already looking forward to welcoming you in Spa hotel IRIS**** again.

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Dear guests, dear friends,

our hotel will be reopened from 18.12.2020.
Visit us on the last Advent weekend or také advantage of our offer for a Christmas stay. A 10% discount continues to apply to our wellness packages.
For Reservations do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: or by phone +420 702 160 632.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Hotel IRIS**** Team

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The medical centre of Spa Hotel IRIS**** offers you healing and relaxing procedures based on the most modern principles using the local thermal spring water - the healing thermal springs lead right into the hotel area. The spa centre is focused on providing complex expert health care. The combination of traditional and alternative medicine is supplemented by healing methods and spa procedures. Modern medical techniques and treatments take place inside the medical centre of Spa Hotel IRIS****.

Thanks to its large area and the top technical equipment the medical centre of Spa Hotel IRIS**** is one of the top centres of its kind. Apart from the classic spa procedures our guests can also enjoy a wide spectre of relaxing and wellness procedures.


  •  A bath in Carlsbad mineral curative water15 min.
  •  Automated underwater massage More15 min.

    Automated massage under water takes place in warm water - 35–38 °C. The water stream is oriented towards the individual body parts (arms, legs, back). The complex effect is reached thanks to the combination of warmth, bath, massage, movement in the water. It brings you muscle relaxation, better skin blood supply, lymphatic system stimulation, joint movement improvement and also your musculoskeletal system eases its pain.

  •  Whirlpool15 min.
  •  CO2 bath15 min.
  •  Herbal ingredient bath15 min.
  •  Bath with a liquid peat15 min.
  •  „Pearl“ bath15 min.
  •  „Pearl“ bath with mineral curative water15 min.


  •  Paraffin wrap of handsMore20 min.

    Paraffin wraps are applied especially on your hands. The gradual warmth and mineral transfer eases the pain of your hand joints.

  •  ParafangoMore20 min.

    Combining two procedures: paraffin wrap with the addition of sea mud.

  •  Moor wrapMore20 min.

    Boggy soil packs are made of the same material as the usual packs; however, the boggy soil layer is inserted between the two membranes. The membrane which is in contact with your skin is permeable and allows the healing minerals access to your body. The boggy soil pack has anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects, improves the blood circulation, reduces pain and cramps and has also a cosmetic outcome.

  •  Infrared lamp20 min.


  •  Magnet therapyMore20 min.

    Magnetotherapy is a proven treatment using the magnetic fields. A wide spectre of indications can be eased. For instance chronic or acute movement problems, post-traumatic states, blood circulation disorders. The effect can be reached only after a longer period of procedures. The magnetotherapy itself does not bring any instant perception in comparison to other electrotherapies.

  •  Electrotherapy BTL-5825S + Diadynamic currents, Interference currentsMore20 + 20 min.

    Electrotherapy makes the use of electric current of diverse frequency, intensity and polarity. The general effect is analgesic (pain ease), myorelaxing (reducing muscle tension), swollen body parts reduction, improvement of blood circulation and tissue nourishment. We are offering ultrasound electrotherapy and magnetotherapy.

  •  Therapeutic ultrasound20 min.
  •  Vacuum20 min.
  •  Solux + Bioptron10 min.
  •  Laser10 min.


  •  Gas injections
  •  Automated lymph-drainageMore25 min.

    Mechanical lymph drainage is based on the application of alternating pressure mainly on your lower limbs. Your legs are dressed in special coverings. The aim of lymph drainage is preventing and healing venous and lymphatic swellings, removing the feelings of so called “heavy legs” and removing cellulite imperfections. Other indications can be chronic swellings of upper limbs often caused by oncological diseases.

  •  Oxygen therapyMore25/50 min.

    Oxygen therapy is a regenerating oxygen cure, where you are inhaling high concentrated moistened oxygen. The tissues are enormously supplied by oxygen, which causes wide range of positive effects.

  •  Dry carbon bathMore25 min.

    CO2 is applied through a special bag. This procedure is relatively gentle and is recommended for elderly patients since the effects are identical with the CO2 water bath. It is also used as an effective form of regeneration and recondition for all age groups.

  •  InhalationMore15 min.

    You can improve the passability of your nasal or oral passages by inhaling the microscopic elements of Vincentka thermal water. The water has healing effects on the infected membranes.


  •  Cleaning procedure - basic skin careMore1,5–2h

    1. Surface cleaning and toning.
    2. In-depth cleansing of the skin with ultrasound.
    3. Peeling - causes exfoliation of dead cells and evens skin colour.
    4. Healing mask according to your skin type - moisturizing, nourishing, healing.
    5. Ultrasound massage.
    6. Applications of vitamins.
    7. Classical massage of your skin with a lifting effect.
    8. Final cream treatment.

  •  Basic procedure – basic skin treatment with massageMore60 min.

    1. Surface cleaning and toning.
    2. Eyebrow adjustment - as needed.
    3. Deep face skin cleansing
    4. Peeling - causes exfoliation of dead cells and evens skin colour.
    5. Soothing face and neck massage (approx. 15 min). Massage activates
    6. Healing mask according to your skin type - moisturizing, nourishing, healing.
    7. Final cream treatment.

  •  Complex skin treatment and massageMore90 min.

    1. Surface cleaning and toning.
    2. Eyebrow adjustment.
    3. Softening gel and deep skin cleaning - if required, Galvanic iron used for cleaning sensitive skin.
    4. Peeling, or enzymatic peeling “gommage” with vitamin E.
    5. Smoothing face and neck massage. (approx. 15 - 20 min).
    6. Application of serum for skin nourishment.
    7. Healing mask according to your skin type + mask around eyes.
    8. Final clean treatment.

  •  Skin massageMore60 min.

    1. Surface cleaning and toning.
    2. Application of vitamins.
    3. Ultrasound massage.
    4. Classical face skin massage with lifting effect.
    5. Nourishing hydrating mask.
    6. Final cream treatment.

  •  Eyebrow removal without colouring
  •  Eyebrow removal with colouring
  •  BiorevitalisationMore

    Application of microinjections with hyaluronates for immediate, visible and natural rejuvenation of your skin.


  •  Initial medical examination25 min.
  •  Consultation or examining medical check15 min.
  •  Drug prescription, prescription issue1 p.
  •  Medical report issue
  •  Drinking cure schedule10–15 min.


  •  ECG electrocardiogram
  •  Blood test (Spa III)
  •  Aurikulopuncture20 min.
  •  Reflex point homeopathic injections20 min.
  •  Glycaemia
  •  Blood Pressure Measurement
  •  Laboratory tests partialMore


  •  Laboratory tests overallMore


  •  Injection – applications


  •  Classical partial body massage20 min.
  •  Classical full body massage50 min.
  •  Reflexive massage of foot soles25 min.
  •  Aroma massage partial25 min.


  •  Salt Cave45 min.
  •  Head massage20 min.
  •  Combined use of ultrasound and interferential therapy20 min.
  •  Phonophoresis20 min.

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