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Autumn hikes in Carlsbad

The coming of autumn doesn’t necessarily have to discourage you. Do not let cold weather limit you and take a walk, whether you're a spa guest, local or tourist in the city. After a dry summer, nature seems more colorful and inviting. Surround yourself with impressive parks or forests and be out in the fresh air. Carlsbad has much to offer.

Afternoon walk for spa guests

Are your feet tired? Do not hurry. Walk slowly from the center of Karlovy Vary through colonnades, forest paths and stairs to the viewpoint Jelení skok. Alternatively, you can take the Diana cable car from the Grandhotel Pupp. After returning home, you can warm up in some of the local cafes or in the hotel sauna in the evening

Family trip to Saint Linhart

Watching animals might be interesting for your kids. The enclosure at the Saint Linhart Center consists of raised wood paths and bridges from which you can observe stags, deer and wild boars in their natural habitat. The trails are accompanied by educational boards, and besides wildlife, you can enjoy picturesque meadows and ponds.

To Körner's oak in Dalovice

The oldest protected oak in the Karlovy Vary region can be reached by public transport or on foot on the yellow tourist route. The tree was named in honor of the poet K. T. Körner, who loved the local castle parks, where he liked to relax and write. An 800-year-old tree can not be seen on every corner. In this park, however, it is not to be overlooked.