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Why visit the salt cave?

Do you ask yourself why include a stay in a salt cave in your health treatments? Do you think a bubble bath or a nice sauna will have a greater effect on your health? Salt cave is a popular addition to classic spa therapies with many beneficial effects on your health. If you haven’t tried it yet, do not hesitate. At the very least you can look forward to an hour of relaxation on the adjustable chaise lounge.

Salt cave is a confined space filled with sea salt and salt crystals. Optimum temperature and humidity together with mineral substances create a microclimate that resembles a seaside environment. If you struggle with breathing problems, allergies, skin problems, visiting a salt cave is a good and non-violent way to improve your health.

A cure in a salt cave is also recommended for heart diseases and contributes to mental balance. If you face everyday stress, fatigue and overwork, add relaxation in the salt cave to spa procedures and walks around the colonnades. Even this form of relaxation can be a way to return energy and vitality to your body.

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