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Carlsbad is situated in the west part of Bohemia. The town is the biggest as well as the best known spa area. The specific date of origin is not known.

Modern architecture is represented by Vřídelní colonnade. Other buildings not older than thirty years are for instance the ice arena or the youth house in Drahovice. The majority of Carlsbad industrial companies have undergone an extensive modernization – Moser glass factory, porcelain factories, Berechovka, Sedlecký´s china clay, etc. A lot of important historical and spa buildings were newly renovated and reconstructed after 1990.

A new spa spirit came in 1989 and the era of spa, culture and business development has been launched.

The tradition of healthy and disabled people encounters established by Charles IV. himself is still alive.

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Attractive locations around Carlsbad

Enjoy countless trips outside Carlsbad full of wonderful views of the local countryside. Visit historical monuments, lookout tracks or watch towers located on Carlsbad neighbourhood.