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Karlovy Vary: Trips around

The natural and cultural sights of Karlovy Vary are definitely worth a visit. If you came to the spa from the far corner of the country and you want to explore the attractions of Karlovy Vary district, there is a lot of places to visit, making Karlovy Vary your base for the trips. A day out in the fresh air and a relaxing evening in the hotel wellness and bodily and mental well-being is ensured!

From Karlovy Vary to Loket

Travel 14 km to Loket nad Ohří, a picturesque town with a dominant romanesque castle in the area of ​​the Slavkov Forest. A walk from the Doubí town part leads through the valley of the Ohře river around the ensemble of granite rocks called Svatošské skály, which attracts climbers. If you are interested in a nature trail with 12 curiosities of geology, botany and archeology, choose the left bank of the river. The route ends after 10 km in the village of Hory. Athletes can ride a bicycle or take a raft or canoe ride through the canyon.


West Bohemian Spa Triangle

Check out other spa colonnades in the Karlovy Vary Region and compare the taste of their mineral springs. How do the springs in Mariánské lázně and Františkovy lázně differ from each other? And where can you find the famous Singing Fountain, which glows in the evenings? The way from Karlovy Vary is about 50 km long, whether you choose Mariánské lázně or Františkovy lázně. A cycling trip or a train journey will show you the sceneries you would otherwise miss.


Vantage Points Andělská Hora & Šemnická skála

The tourists are attracted mainly by the ruins of a Gothic castle at the top of a basalt formation, which offers views of the Slavkov Forest and Doupov mountains. In the village of Andělská Hora, you can find the Gothic parish church of St. Michael Archangel and the Baroque Church of the Holy Trinity. To continue exploring, follow the yellow tourist route to the romantic rock Šemnická skála, a natural monument of volcanic origin.